Apply for Social Housing

To apply for social housing, you will need to fill out the application forms. These can be handed in to any Housing NSW or Community Housing Provider that is part of the Housing Pathways program. The 2 main application forms that you must fill in being the ‘Application For Housing Assistance’ and the ‘Social Housing Supplement Form’. The Evidence Requirements Sheet will show you what documentation is required.

If you have a medical condition, please have your medical professional fill in the Medical Assessment Form.

If you would like to have someone speak on your behalf, please fill in the Consent Form outlining who we can speak to.

You can find the forms here: FACS Website

To be eligible for social housing you must be :

  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Living in NSW
  • Be within the income eligibility (If you are  on Centrelink payments, you are eligible)
  • Not own any property

For more information please look here: Housing Pathways Information

If you need urgent housing, please call the Homeless Persons Information Centre on 9265 9087 or 9265 9081 as Link Housing does not provide any sort of emergency housing.

Once your application has been assessed you will join the social housing waiting list. You will be given two offers of suitable accommodation in locations of your choice. If you do not accept either choice you will be removed from the waiting list.