Appreciation, Complaints, and Appeals

Our client community play an important part in the way we run Link Housing.  For that reason, we value your right to ‘have your say’ on matters that affect you. You can rest assured that you will not be penalised for doing so.  

Whether you have a good story to share, or have a concern about the way we did, or did not do something, we welcome your feedback.  Feel free to call us on 9412 5111 or return your completed Feedback Form to Link Housing, Level 10, 67 Albert Avenue, Chatswood, NSW, 2067

Link will generally approach your feedback with the view to improve the way we run the business


If you believe a staff member or contractor deserve a ‘pat on the back’ for a task well done, we would be delighted if you would share that with us through our Feedback Form.

Link Housing generally do not accept gifts for doing our work, so your thank you is good enough for us.


If you are unhappy with a decision by Link Housing to;

  • provide, or not provide a service, or
  • with the type or standard of service provided,

you may lodge a complaint by contacting us on 9412 5111 or completing our Complaints Form.

For more information read our Complaints Policy, click here  

You may lodge your complaint anonymously, although we would not be able to respond to you if that is the case.


We encourage you to firstly talk to the person with whom you initially dealt with to see if the matter could be resolved.

If you remain unhappy with the outcome of Link’s decision, you may request that the original decision be reviewed.  This may involve a formal (internal) or independent (external) appeal against such decision. Please complete our Appeals Form.

A Formal Appeal will be reviewed by someone who has not been substantially involved in the original decision.  You will receive a formal response in writing about the outcome of the appeal.   

An Independent Appeal will be undertaken by the Housing Appeals Committee.  You can find more information about appeals on the Housing Appeals Committee website.

For more information read our Appeals Policy, click here.