Apply for Affordable Housing

Required Application Forms

If you meet the requirements below, please complete the forms above and return them to Link Housing Ltd

To be eligible to apply to be a National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) tenant, some of your income over the previous 12 months must have been generated from employment. There are income limits that apply to be eligible for affordable housing.

Please refer to the below table to see if your combined family income from the previous 12 months is BELOW this limit.

The 2016-17 household income eligibility limits are:

Household type

Income limit

One adult


Two adults


Three adults


Four adults


Sole parent with 1 child


Sole parent with 2 children


Sole parent with 3 children


Couple with 1 child


Couple with 2 children


Couple with 3 children


Each additional adult


Each additional child(ren)


Initial eligibility for affordable housing mostly depends on household income, which must be within limits set by the NSW and/or Commonwealth Governments.

Other factors may also be considered when assessing eligibility, including:

  • Australian citizenship or permanent residency
  • whether the household would be able to secure suitable or adequate housing in the private rental market
  • whether the household owns any assets (e.g. a property) which they could be reasonably expected to use to solve their housing need

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