Link Housing logos

The Link Housing name is a registered trademark. Please read the usage guidelines before downloading any logo assets. By downloading or using any of Link Housing’s logos, you agree to adhere to our usage guidelines.

The Link Housing brandmark

The Link Housing brandmark is the defining building block of its visual identity. It's the primary visual element that identifies Link Housing.

The brandmark is available in the following colours and formats:

  • Web (RGB): blue, white, and black
  • Print (CMYK): blue

To keep the Link Housing brandmark clear of any other graphic elements, there's an exclusion zone around it. This exclusion zone indicates the distance any other graphic element or message can be positioned in relation to the mark.

Each logo variation is provided for a white or black digital page. The PNG files have a transparent background and should be used on any page with a background colour other than white or black. Note: The black and/or white square background is not part of our logo.

Other Link Housing logos



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