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The Link Housing name is a registered trademark. Please read the usage guidelines before downloading any logo assets. By downloading or using any of Link Housing’s logos, you agree to adhere to our usage guidelines.

The Link Housing brandmark

The Link Housing brandmark is the defining building block of its visual identity. It's the primary visual element that identifies Link Housing.

The brandmark is available in the following colours and formats:

  • Web (RGB): blue, white, and black
  • Print (CMYK): blue

To keep the Link Housing brandmark clear of any other graphic elements, there's an exclusion zone around it. This exclusion zone indicates the distance any other graphic element or message can be positioned in relation to the mark.

Each logo variation is provided for a white or black digital page. The PNG files have a transparent background and should be used on any page with a background colour other than white or black. Note: The black and/or white square background is not part of our logo.

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Link Housing has been featured in local and national news and media. For media enquiries and comments on issues relating to community housing, please email Brianna Ragel at

November 2017

Social Housing Management Transfer - Sydney Observer Magazine, November edition

September 2017

'A voice to the homeless' - The Manly Daily, 5th September

August 2017

'Help hits close to home' - Northern District Times,  2nd August

July 2017

'Event for youth with no homes' - The Manly Daily, 20th July

June 2017

'Rent pain reduced' - North Shore Times, 29th June

May 2017

'Cash to lighten the load' - The Manly Daily, 16th May

April 2017

'Student's link home' - The Northern District Times, 19th April

'Brothers to chase goals' - The North Shore Times, 13th April

'Green light for boarding house with 11 rooms' - The Blacktown Advocate, 5th April  

March 2017

'More low cost housing needed' - The Mosman Daily, 23rd March

'Boarding house to have four storeys' - The Mosman Daily, 16th March

'Public housing block renovated' - The Mosman Daily, 16th March

'Inner West council confronts housing crisis' - City Hub, 9th March

'Performance puts spotlight on public housing issues' - The Northern District Times, 8th March

'Rent Deal for Prized Workers' - The Daily Telegraph, 4th March

'Milk Crate Theatre' - The Hornsby Advocate, 2nd March

February 2017

'Community opens new gardens' - The Northern District Times, 8th February

'Housing futures debate needs bipartisanship'
Pro Bono Australia, 23rd February

'How does sydney grow' The Northern District Times, 15th February

October 2016

'Calls for at least 10 per cent of housing surrounding Northern Beaches Hospital to be affordable'
Manly Daily, 11th October

April 2016

'Huge housing costs could send workers out of the area' Mosman Daily, 7th April

'ABC Radio with Sarah McDonald' ABC Radio, 12th  April

November 2015

'Sydney Rent Crisis'  Channel Seven, 24th November 

'Affordable Housing Call' Manly Daily, 28th November

Slim pickings for renters in Sydney’ Sydney Morning Herald, 21st November

Housing Forum Free to Public’ Manly Daily, 19th November 

'2SER Radio interview' November 5th

September 2015

'NSW Federation of Housing Association calls for one third of new homes to be affordable' Sydney Morning Herald, 29th September

'Ivanhoe Estate Redevelopment' The Weekly Times, 29th September

'Link Housing scores highly'
The North Shore Times (page. 10) 18th September 

'Link Housing Seen as Top Place to work' The Northern District Times (page. 15) 16th September

'Best Places to Work Revealed' Pro Bono News, 7th September

For all media enquiries please email Brianna Ragel at