It has been proven that safe and affordable housing alongside support services that address non-housing needs combine to help reduce future episodes of homelessness. At Link, we are proud to continually work alongside a wide range of support partners with the shared goal of assisting those who are most in need in our community.

Link continues to build partnerships with agencies which are specifically targeted to support tenants with complex needs. These partnerships promote independent living and enables successful transition of some tenants into general housing, lessening their need for support. With many of our tenants being affected with a disability, the importance for the continued growth and strength of these partnerships has never been greater.

Alongside these partnerships, we remain strongly linked with agencies that support the needs and requirements of young adults and families in crisis situations, women escaping domestic violence and individuals affected by the criminal justice system. The success of these tenancies has been a reflection of the commitment to providing secure supported accommodation. Some of the Link Housing partners are: